Text-To-Speech With Artificial Intelligence

Human Warmth At Digital Speed.

All the power of artificial intelligence at the service of your product. Don’t give up on a personal and human voice for your brand, project or company. Try Vocality’s cloned voice.

The text with the voice you need, with human warmth, digital speed and exponential savings.

De texto a voz con inteligencia artificial generativa, generar voz clonada IA

What is voice cloning with artificial intelligence?

Voice cloning is the exact reproduction of a human voice in a digital format. With the possibilities offered by Generative Artificial Intelligence it is possible to make a recognizable, human voice read any text, script or material you want to convert.

Find out more in the video.

Play Video about what is the cloned voice

Demos: cloned voices with Artificial Intelligence

Advantages of cloned voices

Save time and money by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence.

Our generative voice models can be used with any type of text, offering the services of a traditional studio, but with a great advantage: there is no chain of intermediaries involved in the process. This means reduced costs, reduced time, reduced team effort and greater autonomy.

What used to require hours of recording and repetition is done in a few minutes, without schedule or availability issues.

Time saving with artificial intelligence vocality
Security with artificial intelligence vocality
Saving money with artificial intelligence vocality
Time saving with artificial intelligence vocality
Security with artificial intelligence vocality
Saving money with artificial intelligence vocality

Listen to what some projects sound like with a cloned voice.

We want you to have full control over the final result, so we offer an intuitive platform that allows you to quickly and easily highlight key elements in your text, adjust pronunciation and produce the audio according to your needs. This allows each creation to be unique and perfectly aligned with your creative vision.

Convert text to speech online for your articles and audiobooks, and gain readers.

Education has changed and the human voice is essential in learning.

Bring your games to life quickly and easily by incorporating AI-generated natural voices, to make the game a unique experience.

Create podcasts, advertising campaigns, promos and all your audiovisual services. Convert your texts into natural spoken voice.

Who talks about us

Legal Security in your projects

The legal status of the voice generated by Artificial Intelligence matters to clients, companies and speakers. The cloned voice is indistinguishable from a human voice. To ensure its legal use we do three things.

Protección de la voz generada por Blockchain


AI-generated voice security matters to all of us: customers, businesses and voice talent. The cloned voice is indistinguishable from a human voice.

To ensure legal use we use blockchain technology and generate an inviolable code that identifies all our productions.


Blockchain certification allows us to identify the text and audio we have generated.

If someone alters it, as can also happen with the human voice, we can prove that this material is not the original. This release speakers, clients and vocality.ai from the responsibility of having generated content outside the law.

Un vault para tus voz generada.

Security Vault

Thirdly, a vault where all certificates of the contents produced will be stored. Through it, we will know at all times who, when and for what purpose the audios have been generated and they will be identifiable at all times, anywhere, with total traceability.

Simply security.

We understand the importance of the security and privacy of your data. Our platform uses advanced technologies to ensure the protection of the information we process. You can trust us to safeguard your content and maintain the confidentiality of your texts.

Clients who Trust us

Our Team

We have 30 years of experience in audiovisual and 30 years in programming, which help us to provide a quality service in online text-to-speech cloning.

Jose luis CEO Vocality

José Luis


His entire professional life has been in the audiovisual field, in TV and video projects and, since 2004, in voice-overs in 40 languages.

Emilio Soria Asesor Tecnológico Inteligencia Artificial



University professor, physicist and electronic engineer. He has been working on advanced applied neural models for more than 30 years with a large number of publications, projects and books. He acts as our advisor.

Angel datos y desarrollo inteligencia artificial


Data and Development

Mathematician and data scientist. Responsible for converting the voice wave into data and back again, putting it in easy reach of everyone in minutes.

Maria Producción de texto a voz natural



Graduate in audiovisual communication. Responsible for the production of audiobook voiceovers for publishers and e learning in 40 languages. She is the link between the content and the cloned voice.

Regino Datos y Desarrollo inteligencia Artificial


Data and Development

Telecommunications electronics engineer with a Master’s in data science. He is one of the team responsible for the development and training of the models.

Our pricing

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